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We provide shipping services across the world

Flexibility is important in any aspect of business, but it is particularly critical for shipping. For your company to succeed, your supply lines need to run smoothly no matter what deliveries you have to make and what challenges they face. Yet standard couriers cannot provide you this level of service consistently, especially if you need them to deliver across the continent. Only an air freight courier company can fully prepare you for any contingency by providing:

We are experienced in handling the formalities and documentation required for your imports and exports to ensure that they circulate freely and arrive at their destination. We work with all international ports to guarantee that your load will safely reach any part of the world by sea, with neither delays nor mishaps.

Our Geographic Reach:

  • Logistics ground in Asia Pacific
  • Logistics ground in South America
  • Transportation across Europe
  • Transportation to Australia

Our Services & Expert Approach

Volant Global offers all these services for clients from every industry. We strive to deliver your goods on time and safely, preparing you for any logistical contingency.

Overnight Optimization

As valuable as it is to deliver by the next day, even that may not be fast enough for some businesses. Skilled air freight services thus know how to get critical shipments to your destination overnight, minimizing any delay in your operations.

Charter Capabilities

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"My shipment was picked up and delivered with excellent service! Needless to say I am extremely satisfied with the results. Will definitely use this service again."

Lara James
CEO, Nyrato LTD

Logistics Solutions to Help
Your Businesses

Logistics Solutions to Help Your Businesses

Prime Space Logistics invest time and expertise to fully understand your business before designing plans to improve your supply chain. We take responsibility for the performance of all our suppliers and for ensuring the availability of resources.